About Us

Open Air Sports, LLC is a program designed as a non-competitive way to engage youth in physical activities while incorporating team building skills and an appreciation for the outdoors.

We offer various sessions throughout the course of the year, each session running for 6-weeks. The session locations vary, depending on activity, and the activities follow the natural course of the changing seasons in the Northeast. All meeting places are outdoors (with the exception of Indoor Rock Climbing and the first few weeks of Backpacking Basics).

The maximum number of participants per session group is 10 - 15. Each group will be led by a minimum of TWO, qualified guides. Groups will be organized based on the ages and abilities of the participants.

Participants have the flexibility to register for individual 6-week sessions in order to meet the needs of their schedules and areas of interest.


Our Story

Nice to meet you! And thank you for the taking the time to get to know more about Open Air Sports, LLC and our story. We moved to Saratoga Springs from Denver when our first son was born. Since then our family has grown. We now have 3 children total and a quirky, little dog named Blanket.

Our family, especially our kids, love to be in the great outdoors. Whether it’s swimming in one of the beautiful lakes, finding the next fishing hole,  hiking and camping in the Adirondacks, kayaking on the many rivers and streams, skiing/snowboarding at one of the resorts, or mountain biking at the many trail systems in the area, they love it all. And while our older two kids have found a love for traditional sports like baseball and dance, they are drawn to the outdoors and some of their true passions lie there. Realizing this, we started looking into organized options of more alternative, outdoor sports. There were not many to be found which is when the idea for Open Air Sports, LLC was created.

While traditional, organized sports offer great team building experiences as well as many health benefits, we believe these goals can also be achieved in a non-competitive environment while exploring and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Good stewardship is also core to our philosophy and one of our primary principles at OAS. We are very deliberate in our approach when introducing our groups to the outdoor spaces we enjoy, stressing preparation, safety, and leave no trace skills in all we do! 

Living in Upstate New York, we are lucky enough to enjoy four, full seasons. Each of the natural changes that occur throughout the year offer a variety of outdoor sports to explore. We are partnering with local, qualified guides in the area to lead Open Air participants through the various 6-week sessions focusing on one sport at a time. The first week offers important introductory materials, safety requirements and an overview of the necessary skills that will be taught. During Weeks 2-5, participants will be engaged in the activity (hiking the trails, mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, snowshoeing, kayaking, etc.). Week 6 includes a summary, wrap-up activity and preview of the next session.

We have lots to offer, we hope you take some time to check out what's in store at Open Air Sports. Let's Get Outside!


Our Family to Yours!