Here's what people have to say about us...

"Eleanore has really enjoyed this program! We are so glad we found it. She's always loved climbing, but finally found an outlet to learn skills beyond the jungle gym. She's built so much confidence! Can't wait to hear more about Spring and Summer programs so can keep at it!" - Michelle J. 

"This was Ethan’s first time participating in an Open Air Sports activity.  He did the spring hiking and loved every minute. He was excited each week to go and when I picked him up told me he wished the hike was longer. He learned so much from Shane and J.R.   He couldn’t wait to come home and tell us about the things he saw and what he learned during their hike.
Open Air Sports made his love for hiking and the outdoors grow even more.  He can’t wait to take us out for a hike and teach us everything he learned.  
Hiking was a fun, learning experience for Ethan and was sad when it was over. He can’t wait to do more with Open Air Sports!" - Elizabeth L.

Our son, Joseph, just finished the 5-7 year old rock climbing program with Open Air Sports. We could not be more impressed with how this organization ran. The communication from start to finish was amazing. More importantly - our 7 year old loved being part of a non traditional sport and experiencing something new. Thank you OAS for this experience!” - Kelly L. 

"Open Air Sports is awesome!  Our son not only learned a lot about mountain biking but he enjoyed the course so much that he was inspired to write a journal entry about it!  It was wonderful to witness our son grow in confidence and come home after each ride telling us the “in and outs” of his experiences on the trails with his knowledgeable and encouraging instructors.  He benefited from meeting other kids with similar interests and together they accomplished their goals as a team. Shane and Molly are fantastically passionate about their programs that allow our children to experience sports that aren’t mainstream.  We look forward to our next adventure with OAS!" - Melissa L. 

“My boys had a wonderful time in the Indoor/Outdoor Rock climbing program. They loved the small group and the fun activities. Shane was great working with them, keeping them motivated and engaged. They felt a little intimidated before the outdoor climbing day, but came home super happy and excited and feeling confident. Everything in the program ran smoothly, communication was clear and timely. Thanks to Molly and Shane for being so well organized, and so innovative in creating Open Air Sports.” - Barbara G.

“Wes had an amazing time during this past month working with Open Air Sports. Shane and Molly are amazing with the kids. Their excitement for what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious. The indoor climbs were perfect for teaching and practicing skills. He especially loved his outdoor hike and climb day. He was proud of his efforts and enjoyed being in the great outdoors! We are so appreciative of this experience and look forward to participating in more activities in the future!” - Christine L. 

"Our boys have loved attending the Open Air Sports sessions.  Our son has really taken a liking to the Rocksport rock climbing sessions with every week having more fun than the last.  He especially loved the outdoor rock climbing day; coming home with many fun stories from the day, and even more valuable, it was a huge confidence booster.   He talked about it so much that his younger brother will be joining him for the next session.  Thanks Molly and Shane for bringing Open Air Sports to the Saratoga community!" - Jessica H. 

"My granddaughter loves the camaraderie and the activities.  She signed up for rock climbing and kayaking.   She is very glad that she is not pushed beyond her comfort zone.  She is also happy to not have rigid game rules and drills.  I’m glad that they teach how to be safe in the activities. Most importantly, she says Molly and Shane are great fun and really supportive. We will be back for more and she is looking forward to snowshoeing." -Tai A. 

"My daughter is a little nervous trying new things but was excited to learn to kayak and paddle board.  Shane, Molly and Suzanne made learning fun and exciting.  She loved this class!  Now she can’t wait to teach us how to kayak!  Thanks Open Air Sports for a great experience!!" -Theresa O. 

"Both of our kids absolutely loved SUP and kayak camp with Molly and Suzanne and they can’t wait to sign up for their next adventures this fall and winter! Our community is truly lucky to have people like Molly and Shane who are rolling out new and exciting activities for kids of all ages with Open Air Sports! Thanks for a great summer!" - Colleen Y. 

With the uncertainty of this summer to have this outdoor opportunity with Open Air Sports was truly awesome!  You can tell Molly and Shane have put their heart and soul into this company.  My son enjoyed every minute in the water and got up and loved the SUP!  He learned about water safety and especially nature conservation, which is a huge part of OAS's philosophy.  Thanks for a great summer and looking forward to many more sessions!!!!” - Rachael O.